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It is not a secret, nor is makeup part of the essential routine of the preparation of most women, neither by day by chance or special occasions where makeup is pronounced more. The experts in the subject use soft tones for the day, and at night colors that stand out. Whatever your tastes and variety of brands that you prefer to have in your hand in your cosmetics portfolio, is never in the other place, some of the following NYX Cosmetics products that will recommend you to be fashionable and look spectacularly great.

7 essential NYX products in your makeup case

Nyx Cosmetics
  1. Base of high coverage (light)

    In the case of skins that are mixed or oily, they must be sealed with a powder to mattify the base.

  2. Corrective rod

    It is corrective is one of the many wonders in makeup, if you know how to use it in a perfect way, it can be used to shape the nose, unify the skin, eliminate dark circles, and achieve more than the eyes, simply get the best out of our traits. It is a moisturizing product and after applying it leaves a natural and deep texture for all skin types.

  3. Contouring to Wonder Stick

    Is very similar to a “contouring” of KKW by Kim Kardashian. It has a double tip, a dark tone to sculpt, a lighter tone to illuminate the areas of the face, it diffuses in a spectacular way and its package comes with a step by step explanation for main people.

    Although the outline was in fashion, and currently not only on the face, or face or time.

  4. Palette of 6 tone correctors

    Has an incredibly creamy texture that provides a matte finish and can be used on any skin type. Perfect for a long-lasting look that leaves a light texture, making the soft and flexible way visible. Among the colors presented, it’s purple to unify skin tones, yellow to correct the terrible world of dark circles, green for grains and red areas and brown to give depth.

  5. Powder to define eyebrows (Build’Em up Brow Powder)

    It has been marked a before and after in the world of the eyebrows, and now it is fashionable eyebrows that look natural, populated but very well defined, and that that’s what the 8 Build’m up Brow pigments from NYX got, perfect to create a bushy eyebrow and mark your look.

  6. Eyeliners

    Our NYX cosmetics friends not only offer us an eyeliner, but they give us 7 options to use the type of delineation you prefer, where each one has its own style. Super-Sketchy (if you speak of curved lines this is the best), Put a wing (reaches even the most complicated corners), Quite the bender (Fine and thick strokes in one), Hella Fine (Precision strokes), In the point (with the tip finished in a ball, for dotted strokes), A Edgy Bit (is the fine version of “Super Edgy”), Super Edgy (bevelled tip for geometric strokes).

  7. Lipstick (natural)

    Formulated with a velvety texture with pigments and with a long duration with little shine and moisture. Available in different ranges of pink colors.

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