Hungary is one of the best developed and most thriving states in Eastern and Central Europe that turned it into a top destination for tourists and expats all over the world. If you are still undecided whether or not you should buy real estate Hungary, there are a few facts you should know about this country.

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One of the things that set the education system of Hungary apart from others is its exceptional connectivity with other European countries. For the past few years, the EU membership and the education system’s development have given the assurance that the majority of the students in the country can enjoy unlimited access to amazing universities not only in Europe but also other parts of the world.

Primary school and preschool education receive the most attention and the development continues through secondary school or vocational training later in life. As for further or higher education, it is divided between universities and colleges. Before students receive a degree, they need to pass the exam on intermediate level language in their chosen language. It is usually English or German as these are the languages mostly spoken in the country,

But, for public schools, it is still necessary to have knowledge of the Hungarian language. As for universities, tuition and accommodation fees are lower than other parts of Europe. This is why Hungary is an appealing country for those students coming from other European countries. There is also a straightforward process of admission with English used for teaching most courses. Studying in the country also offers better employment opportunities in the EU.


The recent years have seen a development when it comes to how people can get around the country. In fact, a big chunk of investments in real estate Hungary ( ) is placed in municipal transport networks and infrastructure. There is also high car ownership but for those expats who live and work in the bigger cities of Hungary, you can expect cheap and well-developed systems for urban public transport.

Metro, bus, as well as boat services are also available in bigger cities like Budapest. Rural transport might be hard at times for those who live much further afield. A large portion of the country is relatively underdeveloped and rural than urban areas so there are instances when it might be hide to come by public transport.

In general, however, roads are good, connecting most cities, towns, and villages. Budapest is Hungary’s sole city with a metro system that is safe, reliable, and safe. Tram systems are also popular running with excellent frequency that makes it much easier to get around.


Hungary has a tax-refunded universal system for healthcare and health insurance often covers the citizens that offer them healthcare for free. The Hungarian population is enjoying a rapidly improving general healthcare. The state provides it for children, students, and old pensioners, paving the way to the progress of the country’s health condition. As for emergency care and hospitals, there is also an ambulance network and developed rapid response. The recent introduction of quality air ambulance system gave access to high end facilities to more remote places.

These are some of the things you can expect when you choose to get real estate Hungary.

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