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Skippered yacht charter in Croatia

Should You Hire a Crewed or a Skippered Yacht Charter in Croatia?

A yacht charter in Croatia is guaranteed to give you endless opportunities and exciting yachting vacations. The specific type of sailing holiday that you will choose will basically depend on your expectations, travel style, and of course, your budget. There are two main types of private yacht chartering services, and these are crewed and skippered. So, should you go for a crewed charter, or would you be better off with a skippered yacht charter in Croatia?…

Altitude activities

Experience the best, experience canyoning Bovec

Bovec is one of the best and most famous outdoor places in Slovenia. It is especially popular place during the summer, as hundreds adventure seekers from all over the world visit Bovec. You will know why as soon as you get there. Bovec area is a dreamland for adrenaline junkies. And we are one of them, do you agree? Are you ready for canyoning Bovec?

Our canyoning Bovec adventure is quite demanding, so you need to be in a quite good physical shape. And adrenaline boost will do the rest!!! You will be able to jump from as high as …

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