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Südklang harmonika

What Type of Südklang Harmonika is Best for You?

If you are currently looking for Südklang harmonika, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the wide range of options available. 

The truth is that there are dozens of harmonicas out there, and for the untrained eye, all of them may just look the same. However, the truth is that each of them is unique and different. 

You are probably already familiar with the piano accordion. This is the most common type of accordion. But there are still plenty of similar instruments that you might not have had the chance to meet just yet.…

Historical maps of Slovenia

A Quick Look at Historical Maps of Slovenia

Mapmaking or cartography has long been an integral part of the history of mankind that possibly dates as far back as 8,000 years. The cave paintings in ancient Greece, Asia, and Babylon were probably used for exploring the newer terrains. Historical maps of Slovenia are among the best examples that maps have indeed been a long part of the human civilization. 

Many seas were sailed and many centuries passed since the first maps ever known were originally marked on the walls of caves during 16,500 BC. Those smudged symbols of an era that has long been gone might not be …

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