Bee scales

Bee Scales and Importance of Weighing Beehives

Why do you need to care about the amount of honey that the bees have? Overwintering is by far that one extremely important reason. It is not possible for bees to go outside when the weather is cold so they just rely on their honey to stay warm and fed. Depending on the area where you live and the winter conditions that it gets, your bees require a specific quantity of honey stores for them to make it through winter. 

Weighing the beehive in the fall will let you know about the honey supplies of your bees and if you …

Burning tongue causes are easy to determine

Common Causes of Burning Tongue

Burning tongue or also known as burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a health condition that causes a burning sensation in the mouth. Individuals with this condition frequently describe the burn as feeling similar to hot drink scald.

There are other causes of BMS, but the primary reason for its onset is unclear. For this reason, the treatment may depend on the cause.

Below are the common causes of this syndrome:…

Aluminum doors with a newly applied color that suits your home

How to Paint Aluminum Doors

Learning how to paint aluminum doors is the number one secret to ensure that you can enjoy you investment for a long time. Aluminum is one of the most commonly used materials for screen and storm doors that are often installed in front of the exterior door. You can also find aluminum doors used for some cabinets and bi-fold closets.

Even though you can always use any kind of paint on your aluminum door, exterior grade spray paint can leave a smooth and even finish with no brushstrokes. This can also dry faster and bond better compared to latex. Of …

Echinacea Purpurea

How Much Do You Know about Echinacea Purpurea?

An Overview of Purple Coneflower Plants 

The name purple coneflower is a suitable name for some plants that belong to the Echinacea species although not all have purple blooms. The plants have become victims to incorrect botanical classification that only got revealed recently because of DNA testing. Improper placement is among the common facts on heirloom flower that affect a lot of families and species. Originally a part of the Rudbeckia family, there is still existing older literature where purple coneflower is listed under that family instead of the correct family of Echinacea (Vegamega).…

Conditions of Real Estate Denmark

If you have Danish ancestry or are willing to learn the language and live in Denmark, then feel free to purchase some Danish real estate. Denmark is becoming a popular country for immigration thanks to its well-known reputation for promoting life-work balance. There are more positive aspects to Denmark which makes it a good place for working immigrants to establish their families.…

Business gifts

Secrets for the Best Holiday Business Gifts

The busiest shopping days of the year are here again which only means that the gift-giving season is just around the corner. You are probably wondering as early as now what best business gifts you can give your clients this coming holiday season. If you are unsure how you will approach business gift-giving, there are a handful of tips that can help you make it through the holiday craze while still keeping your budget, reputation, and sanity intact.…

Lower abdominal bloating is when your abdomen feels tight and full

Tips to Reduce Lower Abdominal Bloating

The majority of people experience lower abdominal bloating at some point in time. Massages, supplements, and exercises can help reduce bloating quickly. In addition to that, simple lifestyle changes may prevent it from happening again.

Basically, lower abdominal bloating is when your abdomen feels tight and full. It typically occurs because of a gas buildup somewhere in the GI or gastrointestinal tract. Bloating causes your belly to look bigger than usual. Moreover, it can feel painful or tender. Fluid retention in the body may also result in bloating.…

Ship structure

Ship structure and its areas

The keel of a ship  is a central longitudinal structural element that is located at the bottom of the ship and extends from the bow to the stern. The keel is laid as the first part of the structure and then the looms, frames and edges are added to it to construct the basic part of the hull. Frames represent the transverse or rarely the longitudinal part of the ship’s frame to which steel (or wooden) slab panels are attached. Modern ships have almost exclusively only transverse ribs or transverse ribs with a few longitudinal reinforcement ribs, while longitudinal ribs …

Apiaries also have other objectives or roles such as honey production

Apiaries in Beekeeping

An apiary, apiaries in plural form, refers to the location in which beehives are retained. Historically, apiaries were first discovered during the period 2422 BCE in ancient Egypt where they were initially made up of molded mud. Also, the first known usage of the word apiary to mean the location of beehives was in the year 1654.…

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