Glasses with sun clip

Do sunglasses with sunglasses clip work in the first place?

Glasses with sun clips are inexpensive and convenient way to keep your eyes shielded from the harsh sun rays with no need to compromise your vision. 

However, the main issue here is as these sunglasses the right choice for you? 

What are Clip-on Sunglasses?

Glasses with sun clip are similar to regular shades that can keep your eyes protected from the sun’s UV rays.

Clip-on sunnies are available in different sizes, shapes, and tints, and have various levels of special coatings and UV protection. However, the difference is that instead of having full frames, there are two darkened lenses attached together by a bridge for the nose and connected to the regular prescription glasses with magnets or clips. 

Glasses with sun clip
Glasses with sun clip come in various tints

Do Sunglasses with Sunglasses Clip Work?

Clip-ons can work as well as the real sunglasses provided that they are of proper fit or they have the similar or same shape and size as your regular glasses and offer your eyes with UV protection with the preferred maximum of UV 400.

Should You Go for Prescription Sunglasses or Clip-on Sunglasses?

The better choice for you will depend on your specific preferences and needs.

If you want to wear the same pair every day, particularly when your eyes find it hard to adjust when switching back or forth or if ever you already have the pair you really like and you no longer have any budget for another pair of prescription sunnies, clip-ons may be a better option for you.

How to put on sunglass clips

In case you like to have pieces with purpose, with a pair for outdoor use and another pair for indoor use, or you don’t really like the chunky appearance of clip-ons, you can go for prescription sunnies. 

What are the Best Clip-On Sunnies?

This will depend exactly on what you are searching for.

Do you already like you prescription eyeglasses or do you need an upgrade soon? The specific type of sunglasses with sunglasses clip for you will probably depend on where you are exactly in your journey using your regular glasses. 

Are Clip-on Sunglasses Ideal for You?

The glasses with sun clip offer an inexpensive and convenient alternative to regular prescription sunglasses that can easily cost a few hundred dollars if you are wearing progressives, trifocals, or bifocals. Getting a good fit and the ability to fully block off UV rays is important but definitely possible considering that there are already many manufacturers of the different types of clip-ons available in the market including magnetic, flip-ups, and clip-ons. 

If you ever decide to go this route and you have a pair of prescription sunnies, be careful when shopping to ensure that you get a pair that fits properly. Every time you buy a new pair of prescription sunnies, ask if the manufacturer also offers clip-ons. 

No matter what route you choose, whether you go for a new pair of prescription sunnies or sunglasses with sunglasses clip, don’t forget that at the end of the day, the main objective is to keep your eyes protected from UV rays from the sun when you are outside.

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