Aluminum doors with a newly applied color that suits your home

Learning how to paint aluminum doors is the number one secret to ensure that you can enjoy you investment for a long time. Aluminum is one of the most commonly used materials for screen and storm doors that are often installed in front of the exterior door. You can also find aluminum doors used for some cabinets and bi-fold closets.

Even though you can always use any kind of paint on your aluminum door, exterior grade spray paint can leave a smooth and even finish with no brushstrokes. This can also dry faster and bond better compared to latex. Of course best aluminum doors ( would be probably fabric made.

Before you start with the painting process, make sure you work outside or in your garage with your main door kept opened. That is, unless you are using a no or low fume spray paint. Once you are done with the job, your door will look new and fresh all over again.

Follow these steps for painting aluminum doors:

Remove and Prepare the Door for Painting

Remove the pneumatic closer arm screws and hinge if there are any with a flat-head or Phillips screwdriver to take the door down. A pneumatic closer is an apparatus shaped like a tube that is often found at the top portion of an aluminum door that is responsible for closing it automatically.

Aluminum Doors with freash color
Before you begin to paint aluminum doors you must remove and clean them

For doors sitting on a track like a bi-fold closet door, you need to pull those spring-loaded pegs above the door out of the track then lift out the door from the bottom track. The bi-fold doors should be separated at the hinges after you remove these from the track through removing all the hinge screws. 

Use a drop cloth or newspapers to cover the spot where you will be painting then lay the door on a horizontal and flat work surface.

Clean the Aluminum Door

Use a rag and an ammonia-based or degreasing cleaner. Wipe the door with damp sponge to rinse it or use a garden hose when working outdoors. Allow the door to dry thoroughly.

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Detach the Screens or Glass and Cover Other Parts 

If there are screens or glass that is removal, make sure you remove them first. Cover the parts with newspaper if they are not removable. You also need to cover the rest of the parts that you don’t want to paint like the weatherstripping and handle with tape. 

Proceed to Painting 

Put on your chemical resistant gloves, dust mask, and a pair of protective goggles or safety glasses. Use an ultrafine –grit sandpaper or sanding sponge to sand off flaked paint and use a sponge or rag to remove the sanding dust. 

Mix the paint by shaking the can of exterior grade spray paint. Spray your aluminum door evenly back and forth and overlap the paint strokes to ensure a uniform application. This is how you should spray the whole door. A few light coats of the spray paint can create a neater appearance compared to several thick coats. 

Wait and Enjoy Your Freshly Painted Door

Allow the paint to dry then apply several more coats to achieve full coverage based on the paint manufacturer’s recommendation. Painted aluminum doors should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before you turn them over and paint the other side.

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