Yamaha P45 piano offers 10 different sounds for you, you can play two pianos, two organs, two harpsichords, and two electric pianos. You can also find a patch for strings and patch for vibraphone.

Take in count that this keyboard is intended for classical piano sound and derivates. Is not very functional to someone who is into synthesizers and electronic music.

Design & Dimensions – What I Like About P-45

This model was also designed with versatility in mind. Despite having 88 keys, it is remarkably compact and can fit in just about any space.

We found amazing that despite having 88 keys, it’s amazingly compact and you can fit it in almost any space. The design having versatility on mind is remarkable.

Regarding the weight, it is very light weighted which makes it adequate to use in a basic X stand. But of course, you can use the keyboard on a desk or a tabletop as stand.

Those who liked the P35 will find very familiar the design of the model, being the two of them identical. They noticeable difference is the brand new USB connect that allows you to use the keyboard as a MIDI controller in your computer. It is compatible with any MIDI-based software.

Special Features

There are two great features on this keyboard that you must know about before making a decision as also shown in this Yamaha P45 review .

Built-in Metronome – I think one of the most important aspects of being a good musician is having a good time. This keyboard has a built-in metronome, which you can use with the internal speaker to keep your counting in check while you practice scales and arpeggios. The metronome is fully adjustable, meaning you can adjust both the volume and the rate.

Recording – I know I said the keyboard doesn’t have internal recording features. This is where the USB connector comes in handy. It gives you the ability to record into an audio program on your computer using MIDI, which also gives you more options for timbre. It is compatible with any digital audio workstation that allows MIDI, which is most of them. Which makes it a great addition to any studio as a weighted piano MIDI controller.

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